JayKyle Petersen, M.A.

Abstract Professional Fine Art - Tucson, Arizona


  • Energy paintings for people, pets and the Earth. 
  • Guardian Angels, Soul Energy Paintings, and other requested Energy Commissions 
    mail to: jaykylepetersen@gmail.com


I was born  in the Upper Midwest and grew up on a small family farm. I loved wild  weather, cats, dogs and farm animals, whose love helped save my sanity,  along with the love of my grandmother Alice Petersen, an entrepreneur  ahead of her time. Grandpa Petersen and I fished a lot together in  summers, and my grandparents provided an oasis in their home.
I  started painting spontaneously in 1977, a few months after a powerful  spiritual experience that removed my desire to do drugs. Alcohol and  other addictions soon followed. I decided the power that got me clean  and sober was going to do the painting through me. I consider all my art  spiritual energy art using prayer and meditation before painting. I  offer up each piece of art as a prayer. Father Tom Picton, at Desert  House of Prayer, says all my art pieces are icons directly from God. I  love this work. I want to get my art out all over the world to help with  healing.


Standing  in front of one of my paintings while contemplating and meditating upon  its image, you are immersed and drawn up into the higher dimensions of  life. This offers opportunity for personal transformation, affirmation,  confirmation and inspiration. The longer you look at my paintings, the  more you see and experience. I believe Spirit is everywhere, inside  everything -- from a grain of sand to animals, people and my artwork.  Viewers and collectors state they can feel at least several feet of  energy coming out of my paintings with overall energy in their homes  improved.


A  process of prayer, mediation, and a written letter to my Higher Power  asking that Presence come into, work with and through me. Each painting  is offered up as a prayer to this Power to be used for healing wherever  it is need, often for animals. 


Belgian linen  with hot hide glue, hand-brushed into fibers, allowed to dry, and  three coats gesso, each hand-brushed and dried in between. Old Holland  oils (first-press windmill flaxseed linseed oil) and M. Graham oils  (walnut, slow-drying). May include: 18 or 24kt gold  leaf; turpentine; gemstones including wulfenite, clear or rose quartz;  healing oil from St. Jude Shrine in San Francisco; sea shells; Earth  from Holy Land; Holy water; and other materials as I am led. Each is  unique. If you wish, yours can be painted in acrylic for faster drying  time. Other commissions may include any materials I am led to use.